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Introducing the MICROBIOME REPAIR Facial Oils. Developed to be used as the last step of the Japanese beauty ritual, it acts as a final seal to trap the moisture in the skin and contributes to nourish the dermis while bringing comfort to the skin.

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The dream team that provides protection, soothing and radiance to your skin during this seasonal change.

Nature's Healing Water of Japan


The quintessential heart of IREN Shizen. The miraculous proprietary complex of actives derived from one of the rarest plant-derived moor hot springs in Hokkaido. 

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A cruelty-free skincare based on skin condition (not skin type). There are 35 unique combinations.
The brand is vegan and blacklists more than two thousand toxic or potentially harmful ingredients.
Whether you experience dryness, acne, sagging skin or dullness - you can find a serum to target any skin concern.
Formulas were designed to be safe for all, even individuals with sensitive skin or pregnant women.
The beauty is how you can combine the serums, and apply them all at once, without the loss of individual efficacy.

Discover Your IREN Shizen Ritual

Personalize your skin ritual with our expert's recommendations, advice and J-Beauty secrets.

Our Difference

The Pursuit of J-Beauty Perfection

Onsen Water

Our line of beauty elixirs is formulated with potent antioxidants and highly nutritious mineral water, exclusively sourced from Hokkaido.


Our skincare is holistically made with the Earth's purest ingredients that harness the power of nature to restore skin to its glorious health.

Japanese Rituals

Inspired by Japan's ancient traditions and timeless culture, we craft mindful beauty rituals that bring harmony from an exquisite balance between mind, skin and soul.


Upholding Leaping Bunny cruelty-free global standard, we entirely do not test on animals, nor do our ingredient suppliers or manufacturers.


All our products are consciously formulated using efficacy-proven actives and botanicals, with zero traces of animal by-products or ingredients.

Dermatologist Tested

Our advanced formulations utilize only the safest ingredients that are non-toxic and have been proven by expert dermatologists to work wonders on skin.


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