DEW UP Hydrating Set

$148.00 USD

Provides 12x skin hydration to soothe & protect skin from sensitives


Sun Damage


Sagging Skin


Uneven Skin Tone

Fine Lines

Usher in a deep-skin hydration ritual with this nourishing 3-serum set. 

DEW UP Hydrating Set replenishes and refreshes dehydrated skin. It masterfully soothes skin and shields it from UV damage, free radicals and environmental hazards for an instant and long-term plump, dewy and refreshed complexion.

The set includes QUENCH-UP Hydrating Serum 0.68 oz, KEEP CALM Soothing Serum 0.68 oz and SKIN REBOOT Antioxidant Serum 0.68 oz.


  • Provides 12 times more hydration for dewy skin
  • Heal, hydrates and calms inflamed and sensitive skin
  • Protects skin against free radicals and UV damage
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity for radiance.

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