Our Sustainability Pact

Well-rooted in the Japanese tradition to appreciate and respect all life on earth, we are committed to taking active steps in playing our part for the environment. Your support represents our journey to take care of nature continuously, and pass this genuine affection to future generations responsibly.

Our Impact in Sustainability

“What you plant now, you will harvest later”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re committed to limiting our impact by reducing the use of single-use plastic, and replacing them with PCR plastic and glass instead. Moving forward, we are actively looking towards creating refillable skincare packs and developing packaging that makes use of renewable or bio materials.

Forest Defenders

We’re gearing towards using FSC-certified paper for all of our exterior packaging. This means that we use paper harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, supporting viable management of the world’s forest. We aim to prevent more of our forestry from being harmed.

Sourcing Local

The core of our formulations and ingredients are from Japan. However, our products also get shipped to our local suppliers in other parts of the world for final assembly and filing. To further reduce carbon footprint, we make every effort to source locally for all our eco boxes and cartons.


We care about the animals. All our products are approved as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny standard. From our supply chains to our actual formulated product, rest assured that we 100% do not test on animals.


We banned more than 2000 questionable ingredients, including some that are toxic to coral reefs such as chemical sunscreens, silicones, parabens, phthalates and triclosan and microplastics, making our formulas more biodegradable and more difficult for marine organisms to digest.

Save The Oceans

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight. Every purchase helps us clean up 80 bottles' worth of ocean plastic (1 kg) with Empower AS.



of pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



equivalent to our pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup



where we're recovering ocean-bound plastic with our partners

What's Next?

Refillable Packaging

We are in works to launch refillable packs for our products, to enable easy reuse of current skincare bottles to cut down on waste.

"Go Green" Options

We are on track to provide a 'low packaging' option during checkout. This will allow customers to choose a simplier packaging to reduce the use of extra cardboard and other materials.

Recycling Programme

We aim to create a recycling program with exclusive perks to encourage customers to ship back their used bottles. We work with eco-friendly recycling agencies to properly and purposeful recycle your skincare empties.

“Our goal is a net zero carbon footprint by 2026.”