SKIN GENIE PRO Cleansing Brush + LED Light Therapy

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Cleanse, LED Light, massage in one device


Sagging Skin





Clogged Pores

Introducing the only facial cleansing device with clinical-grade anti-ageing treatments – targeted microcurrent & LED light therapy. With a built-in sonic massager paired with ultra-soft anti-bacterial silicone bristles, this multifunctional skincare device expertly removes impurities and gently deep-cleanses your pores. Flip over for a quick LED light facial with four light options targeting different skin concerns - for a fully customizable skincare experience in the comfort of your own home.


  • Customised deep cleansing - 4 adjustable intensity modes with up to 9,000 vibrations per minute
  • Revitalizing light treatment - offers the full spectrum of wavelengths to refine complexion on a cellular level
  • Firming microcurrent massage - tightens the facial muscles while infusing active ingredients into the deepest layers
  • Portable & travel-friendly - convenient palm-sized for easy carry
  • Hygienic & waterproof - made of bacteria-resistant silicone, 100% waterproof, easy to clean
  • Staggering battery life - USB rechargeable with up to 2 weeks of use per single charge

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